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New Video: Ed Lover – C’Mon Son 7 by Crissy Deevah
December 1, 2009, 11:20 AM
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@EdLover is dumb funny LOL!!!!!

Highlights from this video:

“Tiger you was f*cking with a broke b*tch in New York? You was better off f*cking with Tahiry..she don’t do sh*t, Tahiry don’t do sh*t”


Wrap Vid: Hold Up Kanye, Chill….Be Easssssy! by Crissy Deevah


LOL I couldn’t resist….

New Wrap Diss: Eminem – Warning (Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Diss) by Crissy Deevah


DOWNLOAD | Eminem – Warning (Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Diss )

Wow…I definitely feel a divorce coming soon lol.

I thought Jay said Brooklyn Goes Hard…. by Crissy Deevah

Umm okay, yeah.

Rick Ross Gets Son’d by Louis Vuitton… by Crissy Deevah

The irony of this cover is that the caption reads..”I’ve never had a credibility problem and still don’t”…wow, looks like somebody set you up for this one Ricky…ala 50 Cento LOL. What a MAJOR slap in the face.

So in an effort to completely embarrass rapper Rick Ross, Louis Vuitton released this letter to XXL Magazine about Ross on the cover wearing a pair of Louis Vuitton  [correction] Non-Louis Vuitton Sunglasses. Now, if I were Ross, I would fire my “so-called” stylist for hooking me up with a pair of knock off’s from Canal Street. I’m sorry but I can’t help to think that Kanye is probably laughing his ass off right now, lol. Peep the statement below from Louis V.

via RapBasement

Dear Editor:

We were dismayed to see the cover of the May 2009 issue of XXL Magazine, which features a photo of Rick Ross wearing a pair of sunglasses prominently featuring counterfeit Louis Vuitton trademarks. Because the photo has generated considerable confusion among your readers and Louis Vuitton customers among others, we feel it is important to clarify several points.

The first is that the sunglasses Mr. Ross is wearing were not made by Louis Vuitton, and in fact, are counterfeit. Louis Vuitton did not grant permission to Mr. Ross or to whoever did make the sunglasses to use our trademarks. The second is that no affiliation, sponsorship or association exists between Rick Ross or XXL and Louis Vuitton. The third is that counterfeiting is illegal.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to correct the confusion.


Michael D. Pantalony, Esq.
Louis Vuitton Malletier

Damn Ross, does this mean you can’t afford anything Louis?? Louis Vuitton, Louis the VIII, The Louis Vuitton Don on your track….!!!

Fall Back Beyonce, Keri Hilson is the REAL diva…. by Crissy Deevah

Yeah I think she’s getting Kanye fever…

Oh wow this is the funniest shit i’ve seen all month. hahahahahaaaa

This guy really put the word, BITCH on the map. LMAO

Highlights from this vid:

I want my muthafuckin money back, for this ridiculous shitty ass album, BITCH!



And this WTF Moment is brought to you by…Cassie! by Crissy Deevah
April 17, 2009, 1:59 PM
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Props to Necole Bitchie & Concreteloop for the snaps.



Whaterver Diddy did to this chick, her head is paying for it. Cassie girl, you better go pick you up one of those Beyonce wigs Asap.