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New Wrap Music: Snoop feat. Busta Rhymes – I Wanna Rock [Remix] by Crissy Deevah
November 26, 2009, 12:50 PM
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This is better than the first version to me….love this joint though.

DOWNLOAD | Snoop feat. Busta Rhymes – I Wanna Rock [Remix]


New Wrap Music: Lucky a.k.a. Mark Milly – Memory Loss by Crissy Deevah

@MarkMilly sent me some new music this morning from his new mixtape “Memory Loss” dropping on his B-Day 12/17.

DOWNLOAD | Lucky a.k.a. Mark Milly – Memory Loss

Celebrating Slum Village – Rest in Peace J. Dilla & Baatin by Crissy Deevah

In the light of J. Dilla and Baatin passing away today…I thought today would be a great day to celebrate hip hop with some throwback Slum Village joints. Enjoy

DOWNLOAD | Slum Village – Fall In Love

DOWNLOAD | Slum Village – Raise it Up

DOWNLOAD | Slum Village & Dwele – Tainted

DOWNLOAD | Slum Village – Selfish

DOWNLOAD | Slum Village – Cloud 9

DOWNLOAD | Slum Village – Climax

DOWNLOAD | Slum Village & Dwele – Closer




Rest In Peace: Baatin by Crissy Deevah


While there have not currently been any confirmed accurate reports, members of the hip hop community as well as group members have confirmed that indeed rapper Baatin of Slum Village has passed away. According to via twitter here is what has been said so far …

via @SCRAPDIRTY Please Pray for BAATIN’s Family Thank You

via @Black_Milk – Maaan this ain’t the time to be waking up to bad news…wtf is goin on right now

Personally, I am a outrageous fan of Slum Village before they hit the mainstream with their single Tainted. I have loved this group from day one and its heartbreaking to hear of the loss. First J. Dilla, now Baatin. I lost my grandfather last month so I can only imagine how the rest of Baatin’s group members and friends & family are feeling.

Rest in Peace Baatin. Its’ another sad day in hip hop.

Joe Jackson Confirms That Omer Is Michael Jackson’s Other Son! “This Boy Is A Fantastic Dancer” by kidsolo1987
July 30, 2009, 3:43 PM
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Hate To Say I Told You So: Method Man vs Joe Budden by Crissy Deevah

Shout out to RON DARLING who basically argued me down about this on Twitter….hate to say I told you so. LOL

I just knew Joe Budden’s comment about Method Man, would come back to bite him in the a**. Basically Meth was on Power 105.1 with Ed Lover and wait……..back up……..Joe Budden was on first before Method Man and he talked about how at “this day and time” he is much doper than Method Man lyrically.

Ed Lover added his opinion about how he disagrees with Joe Budden (which I agree with also) , oh and had some time to son Joe Budden about not knowing who Cowboy was. Being a student of hip hop and all, as Joe Budden claims and blah blah blah, he basically had to go and do his research about Cowboy. Joe Budden even had time to make a controversial comment like, “I will cut this guys head off” (lyrically).

So anyway, after Budden was on….Meth came on after him and gave his thoughts about the whole situation and how Joe Budden is crazy if he thinks he’s better than him. Meth was cool at first and then started to amp up about the “cut your head off” comment. Meth told us what we already know which is that he’s not a battle rapper and that lyrically over a track he would kill Joe Budden.

So my questions are, Why does everyone always want to beat Joe Budden’s ass?, Why does Joe Budden talk so much sh*t, and Why does everything  in hip hop have to result to violence?

Now the cut your head off comment and Meth taking it waaay to seriously is irrelevant…what is relevant, is that I want to see Meth and Budden go hard over a beat and let the people of hip hop decide who’s doper. I personally agree with Ed Lover that Method Man is still nice and always will be. I also agree with Method Man, out of everyone on Vibe’s Best Rapper list, why would he choose to say some sh*t about Meth?? I mean Joe could have picked (no disrespect) N.O.R.E., Treach, AZ, etc. Joe could have even picked Keith Murray to eff with (which is still pushing it because I EVEN think Keith Murray is doper than Joe Budden).

Bottom line is… there will not be a answer if its up to the both of them to decide (because they both think they’re better)…the people must decide. The best thing to do is get it going on a track and wait for the TRUE answer.

Check out Vibe’s Best Rapper Ever Bracket

Peep the audio below from Power 105.1 [props to Kasmo and DefPenRadio for the audio]

Audio: Joe Budden vs. Method Man on Ed Lover Pt.1

Audio: Joe Budden vs. Method Man on Ed Lover Pt.2

Audio: Joe Budden vs. Method Man on Ed Lover Pt.3

Here’s Joe Budden’s Original video if you missed it…

New Video: Christian Rich – Famous Girl by Crissy Deevah
May 8, 2009, 12:31 AM
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I LOVE IT! If you’ve ever seen Eyes Wide Shut, you’ll definitely get this….

I love when a artist and director get together for DOPE creativity like this.