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I thought Jay said Brooklyn Goes Hard…. by Crissy Deevah

Umm okay, yeah.


The Finals 09′: Game 3 – Blue & White Ignite by Crissy Deevah

Ok so Orlando takes Game 3 to put themselves back in the series to hopefully take home the trophy for 2009. We’ll see…

People can’t believe that I’ve been a Lakers fan for 7 years and suddenly am going for Orlando…what can I say, home team advantage…it’s automatic [shrugs].

Tonight Rafer Alson was definitely ballin’ like he was at Rucker Park, but tried to throw a missed pass at Courtney Lee that was dope if this were a And 1 tournament but hey you know the rest [sidebar-its not street ball, its the NBA my dude]. I think he forgot his was in Orlando and not back in Queens….lol.

The rookie was ballin also, blocking shots and driving lay ups to the basket..however, he had some careless, irresponsible fouls tonight. I think Courtney Lee’s game will get much better with time.

The real show off tonight…let’s talk about Mikael Pietrus with his 18 points. My dude was balllllinnnnnn. He saved a shot missed by D. Howard and was able to put the game back at a 5 point lead. Also, he caught one off of Kobe Bryant when Bryant fouled him with about a minute and a half left in the 4th quarter which drove him to the free throw line.

The final score was 108/104 and I think the Magic can win Game 4 if they REALLY REALLY practice for 23 hours tomorrow…being said that, Kobe Bryant is pissed and will be a beast in Game 4.

By the way..I’ll be at Game 4! GO MAGIC!