Wrap Critic

Download Worthy: B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars – Nothin On You by Crissy Deevah

WOW @bobatl is really impressing me. This joint is uber dope and I am looking forward to his new project. Besides Pac Div, B.o.B is definitely my favorite artist right now…this joint is crazy and deserves the download.

DOWNLOAD | B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars-Nothin On You


New Wrap Music: Uncle Murda – Ok, You’re Right by Crissy Deevah

I effin LOVE IT!!!! Dope…

DOWNLOAD | Uncle Murda – Ok, You’re Right

New Wrap Music: Curt@ins! feat. Tyrese- Tomorrow by Crissy Deevah

CurTn3.jpg image by hiphopgremlins

 Wow, I really love this joint…very nice work from Curt@ins!

Download | Curt@ins! feat. Tyrese – Tomorrow

Download Worthy: Amerie – Why R U by Crissy Deevah

Wow, this is BANANAS! I knew Amerie would be only chick to come back and save R&B this year…I’m always going to love this girl’s music. She’s got so much swag and delivery in her music…love it!

DOWNLOAD | Amerie – Why R U

Download Worthy: The Game – Bang Along by Crissy Deevah

DOWNLOAD | The Game – Bang Along

Oh, this is super dope! Definitely download worthy. Very dope.

For some reason, I really want to beep beep the game! Wow, can’t believe I just said that.

Highlights of this joint:

“She wanted me to be her boyfriend, so I was like yeah….I’m trying to think of LL lines in the back of my head…when I’m alone in my room, I can’t remember what he said…but I know Uncle Luke, bitch give me some head”